there's something about Oprah... I mean, Mary

Interesting insight I just came across regarding Oprah Winfrey via a USA Today article:
What (Kitty) Kelley discovered while investigating Winfrey was, not surprisingly, her need to be in control, plus what Kelley calls Winfrey's "world of secrets."

Winfrey makes all employees sign confidentiality agreements — and if she is spoken about in public, they have to refer to her as Mary, not Oprah, just in case someone is eavesdropping.

What do you think - while this is "smart" of Oprah to maintain whatever image she wants the public to have of her, is it "too much" or inauthentic?


  1. I just read this and think that signing confidentiality agreements is not that out of the ordinary. You do that when you work at a hospital, attorneys office, bank, ect...I think everyone is quick to judge Oprah as being in "control" or some mad women but you have to give her a lot off credit for what she has done and accomplished. I think at the end of the day her asking to be called Mary...or whatever else, pales in comparison to all the good she has done for the people of the world.