september 11: opinion versus compassion

"I am troubled by the fact that this coming Saturday, September 11, our focus will be turned from an event that altered the course of history to a publicity-driven clergyman in Gainesville, Florida, and a location two blocks from "Ground Zero" that may or may not become the site of a Muslim mosque... Sure, in both cases, they most likely have the right to do what they propose, but why...?" - H.B. London

Every one has an opinion about this, and I'm not writing this post to stir up more.

It's been argued that much of the ruin in this world has come about by religious people.  I wouldn't disagree. I'd also add that plenty of agnostics and atheists have left a bad mark in history as well.

Of course, that's limited logic.  After all, great advances in the world have come about through those who authentically walk with God.  Likewise, well meaning agnostics and atheists have contributed to the flow of His will as well without even believing in Him.

Is that really the issue or argument of this moment, though?

Cross rises from the rubble of World Trade Center
I am spending a few moments here to more remind us all of what it means to the 3 out of 10 Americans who personally know someone who died during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

An empty chair around a dinner table.

A once real relationship with someone who is now a memory.

A medicine chest that hasn't been altered in nine years because "that's the way he/she left it."

A young child who is now nine years older and without his/her parent(s).

Perhaps we can keep talking about book burning or mosque building, but I'd argue the best thing we can do right now is to watch archived footage of that day, letting the chaos of that moment wreck us again.  And to not move on to quickly but to consider how ruined we would be if those around us were suddenly gone from such tragedy.  And as we are hypothetically hit by that, to then extend true compassion and prayers to those around us whose real tragedy we're ignoring with publicity-driven stories.

Then... and only then... after your heart has reengaged on this level... then let's enter into September 11th.

Here's something I pieced together just days after that happened.  I hope it serves you in remembering what the real issue is.

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