feeling happy?

San Francisco has banned the Happy Meal, on the day of the return of the McRib no less.

The city is prohibiting fast food restaurants from including toys in children's meals if they don't meat nutritional guidelines. The city's board voted 8-3, which means the city's mayor can't veto it.

No toy is allowed if the meal crosses any of these lines:
  • If the meal has trans-fat.
  • If the meal is over 600 calories.
  • If the meal has 35% fat calories.
The rules go into effect in December of 2011.

Of course, this is a controversial story. We can debate whether or not it's wise to no end.

What intrigues me most, though, is that the city recognizes the impact of subtle things that create bad habits or ideologies for the long haul.

I wonder... where else does this principle apply? 

What else makes us feel happy... even when it isn't good for us?

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