p.s. if you take photos of yourself...

Just a reminder that if you need a picture of yourself to post online, get a friend... preferably one who doesn't still make you do the cheesy pose in front of a mirror.

If you can't make that happen and insist on standing in front of a mirror for a picture (which, by the way, makes no sense whatsoever), just another reminder that you don't need to get all showy with your camera.

(Because it likely comes across like this)

Likewise, you may want to make sure that whatever attitude your face is communicating matches the rest of your... "attitude."

Ladies (especially), please know that while you think it's sexy to show off your cleavage... it belittles you and makes the rest of your character appear non-existent.

So... what's the cumulative take away?

Well, maybe there are enough pictures of people taking pictures of themselves already out there... and we should really leave it up to the professionals.


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