the difference

Someone was asking me recently about my "ministry strategy."

My ministry strategy is to please the heart of the Lord.

I know that this comes across as a churchy-answer, making me sound like "one of those" who allegedly don't appreciate or understand goal setting.

Don't quickly label such a response - reconsider how that conclusion it stands up.

To refresh, I'm essentially a Type-B who was saved in a Type-A led church. And so I've learned to use the lessons of the Type-A folks, but a few years ago I discovered that there is a value to letting the Type-B side guide things.

In this matter, it's the difference between asking God to bless your goals and join you in what you're doing, versus asking God what He is blessing and how you can join Him in that.

Consider your prayers - are they more, "Be with me in ______" or "God, how can I be with Your agenda today?"

Do you see the difference? Because I wonder how each of us are or aren't fleshing that out in the everyday conversations we have with the One we call "Lord."

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