My name is Tony Myles, and I am Nobody Special.

Actually, I am. That's an anonymous name I once used to publish my thoughts on life and leadership back when I was first starting out with any sort of responsibility in ministry.

I felt at the time that whenever I'd offer an insight out loud or online, people would first filter it through their understanding of my identity. Perhaps that's only natural, for if we see a famous quote we often add or subtract credibility to it based on the person who said it.

Maybe you can relate - I didn't want to be discounted simply because I hadn't written a book or was thought of on a national level as someone with something to say. Ironically, now that I've had some of those "writing/speaking" opportunities I have people who assume I think more than myself or my thoughts because of it.

Ironic, isn't it?

If an idea matters, we shouldn't need to see the resume of the person who said it. As one ancient, anonymous thinker once put it, "All truth is God's truth." (Perhaps by keeping him anonymous, we can best see his point.)

The reason this blog has been started is simple - most of the insights on leadership in our world are offered in a Type-A "this is the right way to do it" context. I'm more of a Type-B "what's the value that matters" kind of guy. I'll get more into those differences in an upcoming post, but the bottom line is that I have soaked up so much of each that I'd like to offer a balanced approach... especially for the folks who feel that they just don't fit into most structured thoughts on the "right way" to do something.

Think of it as loving and leading all people into a fully-alive connection with God.

So that's the lens I'm looking at as I begin this blog. I will still maintain my other one, Don't Call Me Veronica, which is even more so an expression of my Type-B personality than this one may be. Nonetheless, I believe there are some insights here that simply need a place of their own.

I hope whatever follows becomes a tool in your toolbox, whether you have an official leadership role in the workplace, church, home, extracurricular, wherever... or simply want your life to become something amazing in a way that doesn't feel artificial at the end of the day.

My name is Tony Myles, and I am Nobody Special.


  1. This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for! Looking forward to your great insight!