a friday quote: are you gonna go his way?

Musician Lenny Kravitz says he's been celibate for four years. But he admits that it's hard to be both chaste and a rock star, and it took him a long time to bring his behavior in line with his Christian faith.

"It took years to get it right," he says, "to actually do it, and really try to walk the walk and not just talk it. It's not like it's not important—I think sex and intimacy and all that is very important. It's just that I'm going to do it with my wife, and not everybody else." Kravitz also said of his failures to stay true to those convictions earlier in his life, "I knew it was not consistent with my beliefs. So that's hypocritical, and I don't want to be a hypocrite. And I could just feel the emptiness ... it didn't feel good. The feeling afterwards. Just that empty sort of ... weird space. And I'd had enough." [telegraph.co.uk, 6/16/09]

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