a friday quote: the secret to her success

I don't normally quote the Oprah, but this statement (from an interview she did with ABC a few years back) is quite revealing. I believe it is her "key to success" as a talk show host, and has great implications for you and I... minus the book plugs and daytime deification, of course ;).
"The greatest running theme for me, aside from 'you are not alone' and 'you must take responsibility for your own life,' is that everybody wants to be validated. In every single interview for the 17 hours of that tape (the anniversary DVD), the theme for every single person, regardless of who it is or what the subject is, is 'Do you hear me? And did what I have to say mean anything to you?'"
- Oprah Winfrey, in a 2005 interview with Diane Sawyer

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