a friday quote: the test of an organization

What I really enjoy most about this quote is the relational component of it.
"No organization can depend on genius; the supply is always scarce and unreliable. It is the test of an organization to make ordinary human beings perform better than they seem capable of, to bring out whatever strength there is in its members, and to use each man’s strength to help all the others perform. The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things." - Peter F. Drucker, Management (HarperCollins), Reader’s Digest, p. 209
When have you seen the abundance of relationships or the lack of them affect a home, a company, a team, or a church?


  1. i've seen how my little church, or my little family 'allow' others to use each other's strengths to let others grow and contribute. But its always been small. for example, with my own family, after the divorce, i thought, how can we possibly be a family now, there's only 2 of us, me and my son...and then we learned, through our own individual strengths, to become better. iron sharpens iron. and i watched him grow. by leaps and bounds. and then when we added a third, after a trial period of a year of struggle relating to one another, that really became a wonderful experience of each of us being our own person, adding to the quality of the whole. what i have found, it is not the 'abundance of relationships' but in fact the exact opposite, the 'relationships created abundance' by the quality of love in the relationships. going that step higher...make sense? same is true as your blog from september 25 2006 about poverty. it is through our poverty, that we become richer. i have found it is the very lack of having the money i need to pay bills, the job with stability, money for groceries, that i have learned to depend on God through those He put in my life to help me, whether it was money, grocery cards, free thanksgiving turkey, etc. And now i am learning what true "abundance" is.. its not the things or job or money or being able to provide, because He will provide for me, if I just focus on what He wants me to do in all of my relationships=use my strengths. I was a marketing major, back in the day. I liked Peter Drucker's marketing theories. But there is more to it than just the abundance of relationships. It begins with the quality of the first relationships which an organization builds on. And the quality of the relationships all depend on love. An "abundance of love".