poor placement

I saw this ad in the paper last week, and of course (being the smoothie guru I am) I was drawn to the picture of McDonald's new smoothies.  And yet as soon as my mouth started to drool, I found myself feeling cautious about them.  I wasn't sure why until my conscious mind caught what my subconscious mind had taken in... the headline about cancer.

Consider - in one thought, I was processing "McDonald's Smoothies" with "Cancer" at the same time.

Have you ever considered how the people or things you've surrounded yourself with can kill a real good thing you're trying to impact others with?
  • It's that smell of the garbage can that kills the aroma of dinner.
  • It's that mistake you made that overshadows the achievements you've recently accomplished.
  • It's that friend on Facebook who hijacks your posts with sarcasm.
  • It's that one leader in your midst who gives all other leaders a bad reputation.
  • It's that person who used to be in your job and blew it, causing everyone to think you will, too.
  • It's that pattern of recklessness that makes people laugh when you try to say something serious.
A question - what's the great idea in your life that is getting linked to "cancer" on some level?

Maybe it's time for some surgery.

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