self-revelation: the unique shape of the cross I carry

I've always known that I am a question asker... prodding people to consider things they are blind to or choose to be blind to.  Even within the realm of faith, I've had people push me away because the version of Christianity they settled for was much more comforting that the one prescribed in the Gospel.  I've also had people ask me things that have helped me realize my own blind spots... which has, in turn, helped me ask better questions instead of sit in the easy chair of my conclusions.

Today I realized the imagery of my role in this world - namely, that it is a strange thing to bear a cross shaped like a question mark (and yet that seems to be the one I bear).

Playing with this a bit...
  • The hook is intended to help me reach higher than I currently am.  After all, if I'm not growing how can I help others see something I've not seen?
  • The sideways planks remind me to help people up instead of beat them down. It's all about a journey of community... together.
  • The little dot at the bottom is a mini-trampoline to give others the encouraging boost they may require to see how much bigger God is than they've labeled Him, which in turn helps them see their lives as much larger than the version they're living in.
  • The foundation it's all on needs to be a stable one... otherwise even the best hook reaching and bouncing will simply cave in.
Hmm... now to put all of that into play again today.  And to potentially be shooed away yet again.

(By the way, this is no way implies I am trying to replace the actual cross, nor am I starting up a new movement or book deal.  I am merely playing around with what I see in my life and it seemed like an artist's rendering may have helped me get a better visual. So hit delete on any fundamental hate mail - thanks.)

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