Chicago loses, Chicago wins

The loss: A football game creates a bad taste in the mouth of Chicago, prompting a man to get fired from his job as a car salesman for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie.

The win: A second-cousin of mine feels a conviction within that tells him, "That's not right." He steps up and offers the man a job.

I really encourage you to read the story via these links:

Look, I understand how business works...  I know you don't intentionally want to work against advertising money your business has spent.

This story is about more than that, though.

What I'd offer you is the same challenge - is the greatest thing we can have an allegiance to really a football team?  Or perhaps in your life, is it a school district, political party, or entertainment choice?

When do we stop trying to prove that we're in the right, and simply do what's right?

It can be a big news-making story like it was for this man and my cousin Guy, or it can be a quiet consistency you resolve to live your life by. This past week I resolved to stop watching yet another TV show that has content I simply can't affirm as a Christian. Granted, it's right in the middle of a story arc, and I'd really like to know how it turns out. But... and pardon me for saying this... so freaking what?
 Disagree if you'd like, but consider this - there's a reason both headlines made the news... which one will you be a part of?

Is your conviction to the fiction? 
Or is your ideal about something Real?
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ - Jesus, Matthew 22:39

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