starry-eyed changes

It's the latest news on Zodiac signs... that the latest news on Zodiac signs has been, well... wrong. For a long time, actually.

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the earth's wobble hasn't been appropriately accounted for when it comes to the means by which people figured out an astrological sign they think they should follow.


Astrology is seen by some as harmless fun, while others truly base their decisions on it - some going so far as to tattoo their astrological sign onto themselves as a permanent sense of identity. Astronomers have criticized astrology from the get-go, and God warns against it (even though some Christians try to mash it into their belief system).

Perhaps that's why this news can be quite confusing.

A friend of mine who worked for a major newspaper once told me about a time that they didn't pay their subscription to a horoscope service. For an extended period of time, the staff made up the horoscopes on the fly and put them into the paper. Perhaps this is just another example, but I think it underscores an interesting question.

Is what you take your cue from in life man-made or God-made... and do you think it's God-made, even though it's man-made?

Astrology has had two differing ideas within itself about how astrology works, so right there is something to consider - you can pick the one that sounds appealing (a potential sign of a man-made option). It reminds me of when people find a religious denomination they like and click into autopilot mode on it, proclaiming, "I grew up _________ and I'll be a __________ until the day I die."

(insert Catholic, Protestant, Southern Baptist, Methodist, Wesleyan, Nazarene, and so on)

So what does it mean when you've thought yourself to be a Libra all this time, only to find out you're a Virgo? Does it rock your world even a little bit and make you wonder, "Have I ever really been on a spiritual journey that I didn't take for granted but really took hold of?" When there is a major hole in a man-made idea you've based a part of your identity or decision-making on, maybe it's time to kick at the tires of it again.

Or... we can keep on using the Facebook astrology application. That is, after it's updated to reflect the incorrect structure it's been based on. Perhaps we can go for the non-electronic option and follow the version in the paper that my newspaper buddy and his co-workers invented as a gag.

Or... we can really begin a journey that is deeper than religion or things that appear supernatural. One that takes us to a place where God defines Himself, and we respond to His definition.

Maybe it's time to stop looking to the stars, and instead start looking solely at the One who made the stars.

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