no more doing life on your own

Would you allow me to offer you a thought today, especially if you're a Christian?

Be led.

I get it... you don't want anyone telling what to do, how to live, who to vote for, or ____________. Nonetheless, I again encourage you that you need some type of beyond-you leadership over your life that presses in against how you currently see or want to see the world.

For Christians, this is God... but it cannot be a fail-safe "god" who gives you a pass into heaven. It has to be the actual God whom you let be God - your Lord over every area of your life.

Be led... in every area.

You have something amazing to offer the world, but if you gut out life in your own power and perspective you will fail. At best, your ideas might get "liked" on social media websites, but your Creator has bigger plans that the thumbs of your peers.

So without sounding too cynical or legalistic, let me first offer this practical step to Christians.

Read the Bible. 

Seriously, Christian... read your Bible. 

Your excuses are excuses. Own that. 

Don't let yourself not do this today.

Throw yourself into it and figure it out as you go. 

And if you're not a Christian, find someone who actually will do what I just challenged and let them as they follow Jesus Christ be your "Bible" for a season. If they grow in the Lord, you'll get to know who the Lord is by watching them.

I normally conclude my thoughts with Scripture, but since you're about to read the Bible anyway I'll offer a couple of paragraphs from John Grisham’s novel, The Firm. This exchange is a part of the main character's journey into a law firm, and takes place during the interview:
“You’ve done quite well here, Mitch,” Mr. Lambert said, admiring the resume. The dossier was in the briefcase, under the table.

“Thank you. I’ve worked hard.”

“You made extremely high grades in your tax and securities courses.”

“That’s where my interest lies.”

“We’ve reviewed your writing sample, and it’s quite impressive.”

“Thank you. I enjoy research.”

They nodded and acknowledged this obvious lie. It was part of the ritual. No law student or lawyer in his right mind enjoyed research, yet, without fail, every prospective associate professed a deep love for the library.”
You have a choice - pretend you're actually spending time growing, or actually spend time growing. Don't merely acknowledge the "ritual" that you're supposed to be a part of, but actually dive into the living, breathing words of God.

On that note, keep in mind that the problem isn't that you don't yet understand the Bible or that it's not full of Life; the problem is sin deadened you to understanding the difference between Life and death.

Reclaim that again, right now, by leaping into its pages... not so you can read it, but so it can read you.

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