bad ways to celebrate valentine's day

I'm writing this at 5:45pm on Valentine's Day. My wife is making an amazing meal for our family that is almost done... we've had throughout the day together, too. Heart-shaped donuts; a special lunch; secret-Valentine's Day cards among the family; Lemonberry and more 

But as I sit here on the verge of more great stuff, I'm reminded that others may be heading out to spend Valentine's Day with a special someone. If so, this list is for you.

Bad Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day:
  • Eat a candle-lit dinner at McDonalds (unless this is splurging for your budget - then, by all means, go for it - you'll look romantic)
  • Take him out to eat at  Wendy's and tell him he can only order from the dollar menu.
  • Instead of chocolates, you bring her a 12 pack of Slim-Fast.
  • Bring your cat on the date.
  • Offer to watch the Notebook, but eat popcorn loudly and comment on the actor's shoes during the whole movie.
  • Buy her an actual bear.
  • Buy him a shake-weight.
  • Hand her a card that has someone else's name scratched off and hers written above it.
  • Take phone calls from friends and tell them how the date is going... in front of him.
In all seriousness, make this day less about fuzzy love and more about the real thing. Me? I'm getting called over to dinner.
And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her. (Gen 29:20)

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