sing sing sing

Did you know there are more than one-thousand references to music in the Bible?

In fact, the most reiterated command over and over in Scripture is to “sing.”

Seriously… “sing.”

Maybe that’s on purpose.

I like what songwriter Rich Mullins said about it:
“When you find a command that is easy to follow (and fun to follow) you should follow it a lot, because not all of them are that easy. And certainly some of them are less fun than that.”


I dare you to sing out today. 
  • Maybe you’ll hear a tune on the radio that speaks your language.
  • Perhaps you'll find your hand tapping a rhythm that you're not sure you should give into.
  • It could be that it's time to crank up the music after dinner and turn your household into a house party.
 Pick something with incredible lyrics... or just find a good beat.

God gave you this gift. In fact, make it a point to bring this attitude into wherever you attend a church service this weekend. Whether or not your church experience feels like a mirror that just reflects your particular preferences, desires, and dreams… SING!

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