10 wrong thoughts about God

It's easy to misunderstand people...
it's easy to misunderstand God.

By definition, He will always be at least one step (if not a billionth steps) beyond our understanding. After all, if you could comprehend Him in His entirety then He wouldn't be God.

On the flipside, we live in a culture full of opinions. Sometimes we end up elevating that to the point where we create an understanding of truth from ideas versus data. When I was younger, for example, I thought when we died we became angels. After all, that's what I saw in movies and TV shows. We end up creating non-fiction convictions based on fictional presentations.

The same thing can happen when life has dealt you a certain hand that you attribute to God.

I came across this list recently, which I think sums up ten of the most common "wrong" thoughts about God many people believe (and the Scriptures that prove otherwise):

How about it? Is this list accurate? What's missing?

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