everyday family. everyday faith.

I have a secret...
one that may be helpful for your household.

For several months, I've been conspiring within a team of some amazing people to prep/launch a new movement that went public today: Lifetree Family (http://www.lifetreefamily.com/blog).

It may help to know why.

On one hand, there are already a number of blogs out there that do a decent job at saying decent things. Our goal hasn't been to replicate them, but to go into some of the uncharted territories through topics that we all seem a little hesitant to bring up. Other times, we hope to share a story from the trenches of our own lives that may give you that one nugget you need to tweak or overhaul your own.

You can even contribute to this. It just may be that something you've learned may help someone else.

In the meantime, check out the launch of the site today. Come back regularly, as there are rather hot topics we'll be covering that we hope will help you and your household be unconditional... be fearless... be authentic... be in awe.

Simply put, "Everyday family. Everyday faith."

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