tomorrow's going to be a great day

I literally just put my ten-year old son to bed. 

He's turning eleven tomorrow, but doesn't know anything about how we're going to celebrate. Still, for some odd reason, he offered these words:

"You know what I think? Tomorrow's going to be a great day."

I paused, then replied, "I think so, too."

Between the two of us, I'm the only one who knows what will be happening. As his father, I'm not only privy to the details but will be resourcing its goodness.

What he has is an open trust... a faith, if you will. He's taken what he does know - the character of his father and family - and let that feed into the unknown of however the day will play out. He went to bed content with his nightlight, oozing childlike faith and the unlit mystery front of him.

I wanted to share that with you.

I don't know what your thought is on the "tomorrow" in front of you. Maybe it's positive, or maybe it's negative. To borrow a concept from my message at Connection Church this past Sunday, "It doesn't matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full. Be thankful that you have a glass and grateful that there's something in it."

I likewise don't know who will be reading this. Still, I'm writing it and generally praying for you as I do.

Your Father and His family care about your "tomorrow" and your "today." Jesus did warn us that we will face trouble in this world, but He also promised that He'd be with us and within us each day. Hug your Father tonight (or whenever you read this) and give Him some trust... a faith, if you will.

As your Father, He's not only privy to the details but will be resourcing its goodness. 

You know what I think? Tomorrow's going to be a great day.
"Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Luke 18:17)

P.S. I hear rumors in the cyber-world about "Giving Tuesday." Someone out there thought up the idea that since everyone spent the past several days shopping for stuff, "Why not make the Tuesday that follows a time of supporting your favorite charitable cause beyond the norm?"

A global celebration of a new tradition of generosity. You don't need to just do it on Tuesday either.

If you're looking for something to support, I can think of an amazing movement called "Connection Church" where we care about the lives and eternities of people locally and globally. We're making a real difference, but there are real financial gaps that can really hold us back. You'll find a link directly below if that's on your radar. The investment we're making together lasts way longer than an iThing, new toy or winter coat.

Thank you in advance!

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