God created

They're familiar words.

"In the beginning, God..."

These words are so familiar, in fact, that we may overlook how they make all the words that follow that much more special.

What if the Creation part of God's Story is less about what happened and more about why it happened?

Might it have been incredibly fun for Him, like a parent preparing a baby's nursery even before the baby was born?

Imagine every cloud and star as part of the mobile above the crib...

every droplet of water as a vaporizer for the room...

every color in the sky as paint on the walls...

every blade of grass as the fuzzy blanket the child would find textured comfort in.

How much joy did He have putting it all together, and what does that tell you about Him?

And what does that tell you about you?

And what does that tell you about Him and you, and His love for you?

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