random motivation

Overwhelmed? Need some perspective?

Here's some random motivation for you:

"Pac Man fever" is not a medical condition.

Twins are not the result of a mom eating a Taco Bell double-decker taco.

People who are colorblind are still eligible to vote for the Green Party.

U2 is a band - not some kind of internet slang to decode.

ALF is not in the new Star Wars movie.

Spiderman's Uncle Ben did not cook rice at every meal.

A waiter who says he's "taking care of you" only means that in regards to your meal.

Mushrooms are food, not an HGTV decorating term.

Nic Cage didn't steal the Declaration of Independence.

General Tso chicken doesn't need to be saluted.

The Grand Canyon doesn't need air conditioning.

Seedless oranges aren't an endangered species.

Transformers? Fiction.

Yellow and blue make green, not "blellow."

Juice is a legally drinkable substance and not at some kind of vegetarian cannibalism.

Boeing is a company. Not a sound effect.

Carmen San Diego is actually quite easy to find with her wearing that big red hat.

Chicklets do not grow up to be roosters.

Congress has not declared war on "Casual Friday."

Sour Patch Kids are candy, not grumpy youth who hang with pumpkins.

Infinity pools do have a limited amount of water.

Don Cheadle doesn't appear if you say “Cheadlejuice” three times.

Peaking at someone's jeans label is not a background check.

Ukraine was not Frasier’s brother on the show Frasier.

Force feeding is not how a Jedi eats.

"Anytime minutes" don’t let you call the future.

Cobra, from GI Joe, doesn't exist.

New York exists outside Billy Joel's mind.

No.2 pencils are not sad they lost.

Croquettes aren't female crocodiles.

Beyonce' cannot hypnotize squirrels.

“Adele” is a singer. “A Dell” is a computer.

Trees do not secretly have bones.

The music act that is least like punk rock is the most punk rock act... like John Denver.

When someone offers you pie, you can add toppings to it by saying "whip" - otherwise, simply "nae nae."

God is real. His love for you is real. His pursuit of you is real. Jesus dying on a cross for your sins is real. The Holy Spirit's ability to indwell you and transform you from the inside out is real. The opportunity for you to do something about this now is real.

P.S. That last one can be just as joy-filled as the ones before it. Love ya!

- T.
"A cheerful heart brings good healing, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (Proverbs 17:22)

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