what do I do now?

What do I do now?

Most of us have asked that question at some point in our lives, and these days it's becoming more common.
  • That I am out of time to do all that is asked of me?
  • That we won't be able to cover that medical bill?
  • That it costs me nearly $100 to fill up my car?
  • That I'm behind on my mortgage?
  • That I feel like I'm all alone in life? On this goal? In seeing the big picture?
What do I do now?

Most of us usually have a reaction that attempts to compensate. We rant to a friend, hoping that by venting it will change how we feel... or we hoard what we can and turn our attention inward... or (ironically) we spend money and time on indulgences, attempting to "feel good" more than we "feel bad." Others do nothing, and begin to feel like nothing for doing so.

When you are in a season like this, you do have an action step to take. For in the midst of chaos you can actually emerge with stronger convictions about what *really* matters and what doesn't. You will decide things like, "Maybe I don't need that ___________ after all," or "You know, it was worth sacrificing for ___________ because it has affected so many people, including myself."

I've learned that these seasons are not vacuum moments, though. The kind of moves that you make in the "plenty" times put you ahead of things when the "lean" times hit. For instance, paying off debt will save you a bill when you "can't" pay it; making good relational investments now will create a stock of support that is more powerful than any financial portfolio; investing into your relationship with God will cause you to actually pray (and not blaspheme) when the junk hits and you cry out, "Oh my God."

What do I do now?

Great question. Instead of focusing on what you can't control, take baby steps and big steps where you can.

Invest into yourself:
  • Start exercising again.
  • Open up your Bible at least once a day, no matter how long you read... but read it.
  • Choose better food to eat.
  • Write or paint or draw - express yourself somehow.
  • Read a book - something fun.
  • Do your best work in whatever work you do.
  • Intentionally put yourself into a role that you are not confident in, and grow in that.
Invest into your household:
  • Have times/days where you turn the electronics off.
  • Crank up music and dance with the people you live with,
  • Do a chore that isn't yours, and don't tell anyone about it.
  • Spice up something outside of where you live - your yard, your neighborhood, etc.
  • Look at the people around the table when they talk, and be fully present.
Invest into your relationships:
  • Look up an old friend.
  • Talk to someone who is giving you the cold shoulder.
  • Ask someone you work with or see, "How can I help you out today?"
  • Do something significant with the significant people in your life.
Granted, these are all ideas... not solutions. But they will build muscles in these areas. If on some point you go, "Yeah, but..." then make up your own list by asking a very simple question:

What do I do now?

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