backward and forward

So it's time to start making your list of all the stuff in your life - habits, routines, lack of routines, and so forth - that goes or stays as you prep to move into 2010.

The kind of list that requires you to pause, look backward, look forward, and look inward. The kind where perhaps you pray a bit, even if you don't normally pray, asking God to show you what you're missing.

For your list, consider:
  • What did I accomplish in 2009 that I'm most thankful I did?
    • Have I kept a healthy attitude?
    • Did pride occur?

  • What did I miss out on in '09?
    • Did I take care of my soul well?
    • Are my relationships completely honest?
Don't just read this challenge and move on. Seriously - make a list, even if it's only in your brain (although writing it down does help).

Otherwise, feel free to carbon copy whatever was unproductive about this last year... because all of that will likely be showing up again in 2010.

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