perspective and worry

My almost-nine-year old son is sick today... as am I.  We're talking uncontrollable coughing, feeling chilly and hot all at the same time, and a bunch of Kleenex on the ground.  Thankfully, I'm feeling functional but know that he's really wrestling with what this has done to his body.  Quite a few times today he's looked at my wife and I and asked us a question without asking it.

"Am I going to be okay?"

Do you know what that look looks like? 

Of course, we're doing what we can do to make him feel better.  We've offered him healthy food, special vitamin packed smoothies, a hot shower and bath, comfortable clothes, favorite TV to watch, and more.  And yet... the look still continues to pop up.

"Am I going to be okay?"

At least once he's had a meltdown, and I don't blame him.  It's been hard for me to be ill, and I have a greater perspective than he does on it. 

That's kind of my point, actually.

A leader is someone whose job it is to absorb the worry of another person or situation, give it context, and then share the new perspective right back out.

Which raises the question... what happens when you don't have context yourself for what life throws your way?
  • Cliches: We begin to let shallow thought pose as deep thought instead of letting deep thought speak to deep issues.
  • Religion: We begin to define how God works instead of letting Him define how He works.
  • Forgetfulness: We begin to let the loudest voice overcome the small voice instead of letting a still, small voice within us overcome the loudest voice.
  • Panic: We begin to let circumstances define us instead of letting circumstances refine us.
I wonder... what perspective do you need to develop now for the next leadership moment you will be asked to face?

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