a tune-up on hospitality

Right now, I'm hanging out in one of the coolest waiting rooms I've ever been in at an oil change place. They gave me the remote to a big screen TV, showed me where the free snacks and drinks (hot and cold beverages are), and even provided me a comfy wooden pad to put my laptop on. Totally digging it... including the Wi-Fi they're giving me to write this out on,

Whenever I see well-thought out hospitality, I think, "What can I learn from that?"

For instance, when I was walking in I was greeted by someone outside. Then as I came in the door, I was about to notice the small space right at the door but instead became distracted by the warm welcome... from three people. The usual handshakes were there, the guy in the somewhat worn blue work shirt heading into the garage area... another guy in a cleaner blue work shirt standing behind the desk, the guy dressed up just a bit who was probably the owner. Then a nicely dressed lady popped out of nowhere (maybe the owner's wife?) and said, "Have you ever been here before? Let me show you around."

That's when I got the remote and all the other complimentary treats... in the fridge, juice and soda (even something called "Candy Cane Pop"); on the table, a basket full of snack packs with everything from Pringles and chips to Oreos and Nurti-Grain bars.  Then I was told I could win the big screen TV if I wanted to enter a contest, and a Wii if I wanted to enter another.

Oh... the best part? It's all free. I had a coupon to come in here and get a free oil change. I know, I know... it's so they can figure out what else is wrong on my car. But I felt spoiled, and I might just let them.

I wonder... are there any implications and applications... for my household and yours... and the church?


  1. holy spirit immediately tells me the church could be this way with tweeking for a large amount of volume of people in a short time.