is it on purpose or on accident?

Admit it - you like giving others a hard time (even though you know you shouldn't). Other times you may do it without realizing how others are receiving it. For example:
  • Maybe you enjoy giving little kids a hard time (Kid: "I'm hungry." You: "Hi, Hungry! Glad to meet you." Kid: "STOPPPPPPP!")
  • Perhaps you bring up old conversations whenever you see people ("Hey!  It's 'Scary Toes!'  Hey everyone, this one time Sheila was wearing flip flops and her toes were all dirty. Scary!")
  • Quite possibly you take shortcuts with names that other people haven't asked you to (Person: "Hi, I'm Nicholas." You: "Hey Nick!  How are you, Nick?")
  • It could be that you're the "Yeah, but..." person in every conversation, email or online post. (Person: "...which is why that's why I feel as strongly about that as I do." You: "Yeah, but how about this...?")
Most of this has less to do with a conscious effort to anger others and more our own way of blowing off steam or processing life. Still, even though we'd claim "That's just who I am" that doesn't mean it's who you should be.

Just a question - how is your attempt to not feel annoyed by life actually annoying others?
"Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both." (Proverbs 27:3)

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