why truth will tick you off

The Truth will set you free.

But first... it will tick you off. 

Let's face it...

we'd rather live a "don't rock the boat" life where we call the shots.

It's a nice boat.

Comfortable seats.

Full of the latest toys.

We've spent a lot of time filling it with things that soothe us.

Then again, while that boat may seem expertly built and secure...

that boat has a hole in it.

Sometimes we see it, and sometimes we don't.

Even weirder, sometimes we see it and pretend we didn't.

You know what I mean, especially about that last part?

So will we stay on the sinking Titanic where we are the "King of the World?"


will we accept the ladder that just dropped from the rescue offered above? 

You know, out of all the courageous changes we must make in life...

this shift is the hardest.

For it involves confessing we are not God...

and He is.

We confess this not just with a head nod...

or the occasional appearance at a church service...

but with life change that we allow Him to power up in our lives.

Life change that affects everything.

Yeah, everything.

That's why truth will tick you off.

The upside, though?

It's momentum can tick you off of the sinking boat... if you let it.
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jesus, John 8:32)


  1. I need this life change. How do I get from "here" to "there"? Please help me.

  2. Tell you what - let me write a response on it as another post in the next couple of days.

  3. Ok...this is important, so I'm going to hold you to it. I'll be waiting for your post.
    Thank you for the response.

  4. Apologies on the delay on this - it will post tomorrow. I have it all done but need to format it.