your mind is made up

Let's face it - when it comes to many topics, your mind is "made up."

Today's theme (due to the press of a current Arizona bill sitting before its governor) was again homosexuality. It's such a hot topic that we always seem to circle back to as culturally, when in reality it's not just a conversation we should rapid-fire opinions into from any vantage point. Many people personally wrestle over this, which is something I didn't realize early on but have over the years. It's informed how I listen and speak into this, including noting how easy it is for any of us to claim we're being "open-minded" (from wherever you fall on this) without realizing that we're not as clever as we think.

As an example, I've spoken with people who take the approach, "That's why I won't ever go to church... because of the stereotypes I see in Christians on this topic." Without realizing it, that person has only created yet another stereotype about perceived stereotypes while taking steps toward becoming a stereotype themselves. Where is the fearless conversation, radical hospitality, Divine anticipation and genuine humility we all say should exist "out there" but we won't live out ourselves?

For that reason, I wrote something so I could own (and perhaps give you the same freedom to own) how much we tend to speak about things with our minds already "made up" - and perhaps allow them the chance to become "unmade" (the prerequisite for real transformation).

Here it is:

Hope you get something out of this. I wrote this to a specific audience, but I sense if you don't let that stop you it'll be a win.

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